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To Begin

Day by day

Sings my alarm

Day by day 

The sun not yet risen

But traffic begun

Jostling thoughts

Ponders and fears

To do lists and charts

Dishes and mopping

So many things require my attention






Day by day

Moment by moment

Your Word is alive

Your promises new

Your days are a gift

This is certain and true.


When I feel trapped -

This responsible mom

Born as a doer

Bossy and strong -

When my doings are a wall

I can’t climb anymore

When my heart beats in panic

And my anxiety soars -


Second by second

You’re holding my hand

I’ll take it off my pulse

And rest - in Your plan.

Each day is a gift

So instead of escape

I’ll peel off the wrapping

And think of Your grace.


Grace each moment

In sunshine, in clouds

In smiles and laughter

In wailing and frowns

A present in time

A moment to think

What good thing are You doing

In this day - in me?

In the fits and the sighing

What can I do?

While holding Your Hand

I’ll show them what’s true.


You are my God and Creator

Kind Father and Friend

Your works all triumphant

Your love never ends.

So second by second

Gently squeezing my hand

You remind this tired mama

Simply to love - and to stand. 

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