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What are the
Ginnie Harper Mysteries?

The staticpunk world is an alternate history world much like cyberpunk or steampunk, where the technology is the focus of contrast between the “punk” world and our own. In staticpunk, the key change is the rise of a fictional apprentice of Nikola Tesla’s: Yuri Morislav. His inventions and idealism center on wireless technology that exceed the genius of our own 1890-1930s. We invite you now to this world, a world that looks at electricity and innovation in a completely different way…

In 1890, a young and wealthy manufacturer named Edward Baughmann saw Morislav’s potential and invested heavily in him, especially encouraging his inventions that others saw as outlandish or farfetched. Morislav’s genius combined with Baughmann’s riches and marketing expertise rocketed Morislav’s patents into mass production, ushering in an era of technology marked by his ingenuity.

Together they built a new production company on the American east coast near Baughmann’s hometown, the Park, a quiet village populated mostly by old money. The company attracted workers for miles around, and soon, a large city developed around Morislav Co.Morislav himself, inspired by the glow surrounding him on the street one foggy night, christened the city Luxity, a city filled with light, and the name took hold. By the 1920s, Morislav is a household name, and his inventions are societal staples. Ginnie Harper is a reporter for the Franklin Journal in this world.

Truth in the Dark:

Killer's Notes


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Truth in the Dark

Ginnie Harper Mystery #1

In a bustling city thrumming with innovation, a tenacious reporter hunts for truth in every story and street corner…


…until she finds the body of a burlesque dancer with wounds from an unknown, volatile weapon.


Investigative reporter Ginnie Harper left her life as the daughter of one of Luxity’s wealthiest couples after a personal tragedy spurred her to start a career as a journalist. Having built a name for herself at the Franklin Journal, Ginnie doesn’t think she can be shocked by anything – until bodies start to pile up around town. The typically bright and prosperous Luxity – a turn-of-the-century metropolis founded by a prodigy of Nikola Tesla – now grows darker in the face of these grisly murders. And when Ginnie’s best friend goes missing, she fears the worst.


Who is this mysterious assailant, and what is the connection between the ever-growing list of victims? Can Ginnie find the truth before she becomes the next target?

Ebooks are available at your preferred bookstore and/or library. Ebooks and physical copies are available through Amazon.

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Truth in the Water

Ginnie Harper Mystery #2

The latest technology in power generation has been installed in Luxity, bringing cheap, clean energy to the Hill…


…until reports and symptoms of a deadly illness start to spread across the neighborhood’s influential and elite citizens.


Investigative reporter Ginnie Harper has settled back into a new normal after the events of the Blaster Murders. Panrose Electric has produced a powerful new hydro-electric generator to be installed on the river just north of town. This marks a day of progress for Luxity until rumors of contamination and disease are shared among the city’s upper-class. As Ginnie begins her dutiful digging into the facts motivated by a personal connection to the sickness, she starts to unearth old, dark secrets long buried by those with influence far beyond the power companies.


Can Ginnie discover the truth behind the power struggle growing in Luxity and stop it before innocent lives are lost? Will she be able to keep up with the ever-growing trail of clues and survive the consequences of her prying?

Ebooks are available at your preferred bookstore and/or library. Ebooks and physical copies are available through Amazon.

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Truth in the Vault

Ginnie Harper Mystery #3

A rash of bank robberies across the country spurs on advancements in security technology to protect the banks…


…yet somehow, the system at Ginnie’s local bank is flawlessly circumvented, though little of the vault’s contents was disturbed.


Investigative reporter Ginnie Harper continues her search for truth at the Franklin Journal during recent troubling times. Though many cities are plagued by bank heists, Luxity appears unaffected, until one of the neighborhood banks is hit with Ginnie inside. Every security measure is bypassed, the robbers are unidentified and on the run, and the guard on duty is shot and killed at the scene. Despite the apparent simplicity of events, both Ginnie and Detective Ward want answers to some troubling questions.


Why did the robbers target this small bank with flawless execution only to leave the most valuable contents untouched in the vault? What is the importance of the stolen items and are there more than just bank notes and gold bars being hidden behind these closed doors?

Ebooks are available at your preferred bookstore and/or library. Ebooks and physical copies are available through Amazon.

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