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What is Epoch Mythos?

Once upon a time, a young boy used his free time to create all kinds of things including his own worlds. One of these worlds had elves, dwarves, creatures called benths, and humans, which he called "dren." He wrote a short book about an adventure in this world, he wrote pages and pages of information about all the creatures and humanoids and deities and lands. 

One day, that young boy, now a young man, went to Africa (another new world for him!) for 10 weeks, where he met a young woman who loved to write. They became best friends (he used his musical prowess and her love for Phantom of the Opera to get her to spend more time with him), brainstormed a fun fairy-tale-turned-upside-down, eventually married, and together, they dreamed now and then of writing the story that they brainstormed together back in her family's home. Over time, he realized that the world he had created as a child was the perfect fit for their joint story, and they wrote an outline.


One summer, that young woman (me) decided enough of the shilly-shallying, it was time to write that book on her bucket list! So she did. It became Journey of the Maple, the first book in the Epoch Mythos series. After it was finished, they quickly realized that there would be more: six more in that series, to be specific. Each age that he created has a climactic point where the ultimate villain Nechrys works through a sub-villain to create havoc, and a herald (or heralds) rise(s) to defeat that villain. There are seven ages, thus, seven herald books. Journey of the Maple is the first written, but it actually takes place during the middle age, the Golden Age. The sequel, Anchor Between Worlds, takes place next chronologically in the Age of Chaos. 

Journey of the Maple

Epoch Mythos Heralds Book 1

Nothing is as it was meant to be. One day for her wedding an elven princess with dormant alchemic powers is captured. Two kingdoms, desperately close to unifying, are torn asunder. A dark beast once thought to be extinct now roams free.


Only time will tell if this journey will break her spirit for good of if it will cause her to find strength she never knew existed - and a love that reaches beyond death's boundary.

Ebooks are available at your preferred bookstore and/or library. Ebooks and physical copies are available through Amazon.


Epoch Mythos Heralds Book 2

Anchor Between Worlds

She has no memory of her past. All she knows is she must fight to save her people alongside one of the creatures that have enslaved them for so long.

Kurdra and a band of rag-tag hunters must fight against all odds to push back evil creatures to their own realm. But time is running short. The daeor grow in number while a disease spreads like wild-fire.

Ebooks are available at your preferred bookstore and/or library. Ebooks and physical copies are available through Amazon.

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