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An air-race promises a new era of transportation is on the horizon as Luxity flies forward on a path to peace and prosperity…


…until a few missing pieces of mail unveil to Ginnie a secret, intertwined narrative full of lies, jealousy, and deceit.

Investigative reporter Ginnie Harper has her hands full balancing her complicated personal life with a variety of new stories including an air race and an elusive mail thief. With a controversial female pilot facing off against Morsilav’s groundbreaking new engine, Luxity and its residents have their own stakes in the outcome. Ginnie thinks she’s getting a handle on these stories until she finds an unexpected lead in her handbag that takes her down a startling path of revelations.


Can Ginnie discover the truth shrouded behind layers of deception before the guilty parties elude the consequences of their actions? Will Ginnie be forced to compromise her convictions as the list of lies grows ever more scandalous?

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Thank you for being a part of the Ginnie Harper Email Family! Now that the fourth book in the series has released, the fun is only just getting started. Being on the Ginnie Harper Email List automatically enters you into a drawing for a (adjective) prize. But there's a way to make the prize even (superlative).

Read the book, leave a review, tell a friend. The more reviews, the better the prize! For every five reviews, we will add another piece of Ginnie Harper merch to the giveaway.

5 - Ginnie Harper Quote Mug!

10 - Ginnie Harper Quote Hoodie!!

15 - Ginnie Harper easy listening MP3s!!!

20 - Signed hardback boxed set!!!!!

Reviews will be counted on Friday at midnight, so don't wait.

Too excited and want to get an edge on the drawing? Check out the ways you can increase your chances to win the grand prize below.


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