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A Ginnie Harper Staticpunk Mystery

Truth in the Dark

In a bustling city thrumming with innovation, a stalwart reporter hunts for truth in every story and street corner…


…until she finds the body of a burlesque dancer with wounds from an unknown, volatile weapon.


Investigative reporter Ginnie Harper left her life as the daughter of one of Luxity’s wealthiest couples after a tragedy spurred her to start a career as a truth-seeking journalist. Having built a career for herself at the Franklin Journal, Ginnie doesn’t think she can be shocked by anything anymore - until bodies start to pile up around town. The typically bright and prosperous Luxity – a turn-of-the-century metropolis founded by a prodigy of Nikola Tesla – now grows darker in the face of these grisly murders. Then, when Ginnie’s friend goes missing, she fears the worst.


Who is this mysterious assailant and what is the connection between the ever-growing list of victims? With the help of Detective Ward, can Ginnie find the truth, and the killer, before she becomes the next target?

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