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Truth in the Vault
A Ginnie Harper Staticpunk Mystery

Released February 3, 2023

A rash of bank robberies across the country spurs on advancements in security technology to protect the banks…


…yet somehow, the system at Ginnie’s local bank is flawlessly circumvented, though little of the vault’s contents was disturbed.


Investigative reporter Ginnie Harper continues her search for truth at the Franklin Journal during recent troubling times. Though many cities are plagued by bank heists, Luxity appears unaffected, until one of the neighborhood banks is hit with Ginnie inside. Every security measure is bypassed, the robbers are unidentified and on the run, and the guard on duty is shot and killed at the scene. Despite the apparent simplicity of events, both Ginnie and Detective Ward want answers to some troubling questions.


Why did the robbers target this small bank with flawless execution only to leave the most valuable contents untouched in the vault? What is the importance of the stolen items and are there more than just bank notes and gold bars being hidden behind these closed doors?

Truth in the Vault (Digital Cover).png

Truth in the Water

Released December 9, 2022

The latest technology in power generation has been installed in Luxity, bringing cheap, clean energy to the Hill…


…until reports and symptoms of a deadly illness start to spread across the neighborhood’s influential and elite citizens.

Truth in the Water (Digital Cover).png
Truth in the Dark (digital cover).png

Truth in the Dark

Released October 20, 2022

In a bustling city thrumming with innovation, a tenacious reporter hunts for truth in every story and street corner…


…until she finds the body of a burlesque dancer with wounds from an unknown, volatile weapon.

Journey of the Maple

Released May 10, 2017

Adventurous, heartwarming, romantic, and suspenseful, Journey of the Maple is the first book in the Epoch Mythos Series, created by J.P. Dehnert and myself.

JourneyOfTheMaple copy-final.jpg

Anchor Between Worlds

Released August 28, 2020

Anchor Between Worlds is the next book in the Epoch Mythos Series. If you liked Journey of the Maple, you'll definitely want to read this one.

A Toddler Mama's Journey in Prayer

Released May 2022

Your baby grows every day, and you suddenly find that you're a mama to a toddler! This laugh-filled stage comes with many questions, doubts, and frustrations, but God is right beside you every step of the way, opening His arms to you whenever you have a funny moment or just need five minutes to cry.
This book is an invitation to journey with me in your day-to-day, seeing your own struggles and joys, and grasping the power of God's Word that will carry you through to the end.

Toddler Mama Cover.jpg
NICU Mama Cover.jpg

Hold Me, God: A NICU Parent's Journey in Prayer

Released October 10, 2019

This little book of poetry comes from a very difficult time in my life when my daughter was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The book includes 9 poems of prayer that are conversations with God, working through the emotions of that time. 

A Tired Mama's
Journey in Prayer

Released August 24, 2020

Are you tired, Mama? Are you not even really sure what to pray? You're not alone. A mom to two little girls, Britney Dehnert understands the struggles and joys, too. I use my poetry (structured and free verse) to communicate my heart to God and to receive His love as He reminds me of His everlasting truth. Join me!

Tired Mama Cover.jpg
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