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About the Author


Britney Dehnert


I'm a nature-lover, a poet, a multi-genre writer, an English teacher, and an indie author. I write character-driven stories that take place in a world the reader can immerse themselves in, with the essentials of mystery and suspense, always a dash of action, and sometimes a sprinkling of light romance. Once a year, I also publish my prayer poetry!


Welcome to my site, and enjoy the read.

Novel writing is discovering an unfamiliar story within a familiar mind. Reading is surrendering to another person's world, a world that can exist in your mind, too, until it becomes just as real to you as to me. When I begin a story, I start with a character. Until I hear that character's voice, the story is just an idea. When the character is born, the story is born, too.


Even as a young child I was always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters, sharing them with my classmates and parents. Since then, I reached my goal of writing a novel, and then I couldn't just stop at one! At heart , I'm still that little girl who loves sitting down with a piece of paper and getting lost in another world with people who only exist in my head - until I can share them with you! That's one way I write my sense of wonder; another way is through poetry, usually when I need to express something I'm feeling or thinking but can't do it any other way. How do you express your heart? Send me an email below and let me know! I love hearing from readers.

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Killer's Notes
Truth in the Dark
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