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I'm a nature-lover, a poet, a multi-genre writer, an English teacher, and an indie author. I write character-driven stories that take place in a world the reader can immerse themselves in, with the essentials of mystery and suspense, always a dash of action, and sometimes a sprinkling of light romance. Once a year, I also publish my prayer poetry! Welcome to my site, and enjoy the read.

Even as a young child I was always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters, sharing them with my classmates and parents. Since then, I’ve reached my goal of writing a novel, and then I couldn't just stop at one! At heart , I'm still that little girl who loves sitting down with a piece of paper and getting lost in another world with people who only exist in my head - until I can share them with you! That's one way I write my sense of wonder; another way is through poetry, usually when I need to express something I'm feeling or thinking but can't do it any other way. How do you express your heart? Click the button below and let me know! I love hearing from readers.

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A Wandering Wonderer




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Nothing is as it was meant to be. On the day of her wedding an elven princess with dormant alchemic powers is captured.


Two kingdoms, desperately close to unifying, are torn asunder. A dark beast once thought to be extinct now roams free.

Thrown into chaos, the princess herself must fight against time and an ancient evil to restore the balance of power before it tips into the hands of a mad sorcerer. Andretha forms an unlikely alliance to fight against a traitor from the king's own court. With their kingdoms in disarray and under threat of war, they must find a way to keep Krizimir from claiming the throne. As they begin this epic journey to restore the two kingdoms' future, thwart the necromancer, and save all of Amried, nothing goes as expected. When death strikes again, love takes unexpected turns, her engagement unravels, and all seems lost, will their efforts be enough to save the kingdoms from falling to the most powerful sorcerer of their time? Will their bond be enough to stop a dark power that has been secretly plotting for centuries? Only time will tell if this journey will break her spirit for good or if it will cause her to find strength she never knew existed - and a love that reaches beyond death’s boundary.

The latest technology in power generation has been installed in Luxity, bringing cheap, clean energy to the Hill…


…until reports and symptoms of a deadly illness start to spread across the neighborhood’s influential and elite citizens.

Investigative reporter Ginnie Harper left her life as the daughter of one of Luxity’s wealthiest couples after a personal tragedy spurred her to start a career as a journalist. Having built a name for herself at the Franklin Journal, Ginnie doesn’t think she can be shocked by anything – until bodies start to pile up around town. The typically bright and prosperous Luxity – a turn-of-the-century metropolis founded by a prodigy of Nikola Tesla – now grows darker in the face of these grisly murders. And when Ginnie’s best friend goes missing, she fears the worst.


Who is this mysterious assailant, and what is the connection between the ever-growing list of victims? Can Ginnie find the truth before she becomes the next target?

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Novel writing is discovering an unfamiliar story within a familiar mind. Reading is surrendering to another person's world,a world that can exist in your mind, too, until it becomes just as real to you as to me. When I begin a story, I start with a character. Until I hear that character's voice, the story is just an idea. When the character is born, the story is born, too. 


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